2016 Week 16 Super Bowl Leaders

This chart shows the percent chance of winning the Super Bowl for the top teams and the total for the remaining teams.

See at the Current NFL rankings and forecasts for more details.


Accurate power ratings, not just rankings!

Most "Power Rankings" only list list the teams in order, usually regurgitating the standings. Super Standings ranks teams by their power rating (PWR) and uses those power ratings to forecast how the team will finish the season.


The difference in Super Standings power ratings between two teams (use 2.2 for the home field advantage) is usually within 1 point of the lines. No other power ratings are as accurate!

Super Standings:

  1. Calculates power ratings that are on average within a point of the point spreads.
  2. We use those power ratings to estimate how many wins each team can expect (MLW - Most Likely Wins) this season based on the remaining schedule. The strength of the schedule and home / away games are big factors.
  3. We then calculate team's chance of finishing 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th in their division. This depends on not only how many games they may win, but the competition in the division and tiebreakers.
  4. We then calculate the playoff seeding to determine what teams will get the byes and home field advantage. This includes the division winner's records and NFL tiebreakers.

Current NFL rankings and forecasts


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